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About Us

The online pharmacy efildena.com is a platform that offers the best medicines at affordable prices and high quality. We also guarantee anonymity and private security. Order cheap medical preparations!

Affordable prices.

The prices for medicines on the efildena.com website are lower than in the pharmacies in general stores. We order directly from the manufacturer. The goods offered by our online shop come directly from our warehouse in Spain without resellers and intermediaries.

Special offers.

With efildena.com you can save! Various promotions are organized on our website, our customers can take advantage of the bonus offers and purchase the goods at a considerable discount. These goods can be found in “promotions” areas.

Large selection.

There are many products in different price categories in the eVidalista catalog. These are original preparations to increase potency (Vidalista, Fildena, Cenforce, etc.), as well as their generics of high quality. We have everything it takes to restore masculinity, improve the quality of traffic and extend its duration. Every medicine, even the rarest, can certainly be found here.

Medicine cabinet.

You can order medication with home delivery or to the office. You can also pick up the order at the nearest post office (if it suits you).

Fast delivery.

We are committed to taking the goods to a specific address in Spain immediately. The delivery takes place within 4-13 days. We guarantee that the goods will be delivered intact. As soon as you have placed and paid for the order on the eFildena website, information about it will be sent to our system. The application will be processed quickly by our specialists, after which the package will be sent.

Compare and choose!

efildena.com has a handy and simple search function. The catalog contains medical products of the same name from various manufacturers and at different prices. You can read the descriptions and compare the properties of drugs, their composition, effectiveness, responsiveness and price without leaving home. Order what suits you best!

No spam!

Our specialists will only contact you to inform you of the successful payment and the status of the order.

Legitimate and reliable.

efildena.com is the only platform of this kind in Spain that makes it easy to find and buy a sexual enhancer. Our online shop is actually a pharmacy shop window that you can use for a quick selection of the right preparations and its delivery to your address.


In addition, we guarantee the anonymity of the delivery. All goods are packaged by our specialists in a hermetic and opaque film that protects the contents of the package from prying eyes.

High quality.

We have all the necessary documents (certificates and licenses) that are necessary for the sale of the preparations. We guarantee high quality of the goods offered, since we only work with trustworthy and reliable manufacturers. If you order medication from us, you can be sure of its effectiveness and quality. If you have any questions about service or suggestions for improvement, please contact us. This can be done by email or phone. Buy from efildena.com. We look forward to you!


⛟ Carrer de Ferran, 40-42, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

☎ Phone: +34 933 18 52 12, +34 933 18 52 41

Office Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday
9:00am - 8:00pm (IST)
Saturday to Sunday
9:00am - 12:00pm (IST)

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